AZTEC performs a full production cycle from the design stage to the installation and commissioning of climbing walls. Aztec also produces holds and volumes for rock climbing. In our work, we pay special attention to the quality of our products: whether it is a climbing wall, a hold, a volume or a bolt plug. We test our holds and volumes on the climbing walls in Krasnoyarsk before launching it into mass production. We carefully monitor the quality of our product, observing the principles of durability and safety.

The production area is more than 750 square meters. There are production halls, a project office and warehouses for storing holds and volumes.

Now, the production of the company Aztec is:

Project Office and Sales Department

Welding of steel structures workshop

Holds turning workshop

Volumes grinding workshop

Woodworking shop with CNC machine tool

Workshop for casting holds and making volumes

Workshop for covering panels for climbing walls

Warehouse of holds and volumes