Aztec Team

For more than 15 years, the Aztec team has been involved in creating projects that contribute to the development of rock climbing throughout Russia.

Our team consists of people who are engaged in climbing at the amateur and professional levels. In the creation of our projects, we invest our experience and skills gained over the years of climbing on artificial and natural volumes. For each of us, work is a pleasure.

Evgeny Ovchinnikov Founder and CEO of the company «Aztec». Multiple prizewinner of all-russian and international competitions, Master of Sports of international class in climbing.
Alexey Kichkaylo Commercial Director of the company «Aztec». Experience in rock climbing for more than 15 years. Rock climbing instructor, trail planner.

Pavel Dyomin The main shaper of the «Aztec» company. Engaged in the design and production of fiberglass terrains. Master of Sports in climbing.
Dmitry Matveenko Shaper, responsible for the production of plywood and polyurethane terrains. Candidate for Master of Sports in climbing. Instructor and planner of All-Russian level trails.
Vadim Vergeynchik Engineer-designer. Experience in climbing for more than 10 years.
Alexandr Znamensky Engineer-designer. Experience in climbing for more than 5 years.
Artem Ulyanov Master of making handholds. Experience in the company «Aztec» more than 10 years.

Andrey Vinokurov Marketing and promotion Director. Experience in climbing for 5 years.
Alexey Shilonosov    Master of the assembly workshop. Experience in the company «Aztec» more than 2 years.